The flood we had in the month of August affected the major portion of our diocese: 19,801 families of 34 parishes, in which there are altogether 87,876 faithful(44665 women, 14153 children and 6567 infants, 8860 Elderly). 3,736 houses were damaged, in which 421 were completely destroyed and 3315 were partially destroyed. The flood devastated and destroyed completely the agriculture of coconuts, coco, vegetables, rise, banana, pineapple, poultries, piggeries, cultivation of cows, goat, fish, etc,. The people lost completely their means of livelihood: carpentry workshops, Chinese nets for the fishing, electrical workshops etc. The flood washed away all the home appliances, cloths, tailoring machines, televisions, fridges, kitchen utensils, etc. The school children lost their study materials too. Many lost their hope for the future.

            The diocese accommodated these families in 128 different centers for refugees: Schools, hospitals, social service centers, parish churches, convents, seminaries, etc.  We offered them food and accommodation; and even though many of them returned to their homes, we continue to offer them food items and medicines. We have to continue this service at least two more months in order to overcome this emergency.  

   In this situation the people affected by the flood has to restart everything from zero. 279 families whose houses were completely destroyed have no place to dwell; others have to repair them. People lost their daily livelihood; they are also afraid of various kinds of deceases.