Some very important places to visit in the diocese are given below.


     Maliankara, where St. Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ came to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ is well known place in India. At that time, the near by place Kodungallur was known in Greece as "Muziris" and the Jews pronounced as "Muriyakkod". When St. Thomas came, Maliankara was the sea-shore place. But gradually a new island rose between the sea and Maliankara - Vypin Island, where Pallippuram is situated. Now it is situated near the tribute of River Periyar. It is the near by place of Chendamangalam, where the Jewish Synagogue is situated.

Now Maliankara is a sub-station of the Chettikad Church.



     This famous church is dedicated to Our Lady. It is not only one of the oldest churches in the Diocese of Kottapuram, but also one of the three pilgrim centres in South India which is dedicated to Our Lady (the others are Vallarpadam and Vailankanni). The Portuguese had constructed a Fort in 1503, the First European fort in India. And in 1577 the Church was built by the Portuguese. The annual feast of Our Lady of Snow is celebrating from July 30 to August 5 of every year.

   One of the Traditions is - when Tipu Sultan came from Mysore with his armors, destroying the churches and all things made by the Portuguese, reached in Pallippuram. Then the nearby people gathered in the Church and prayed to Mother Mary. And then the place was covered with snow - even the season was Summer! There after this church is known as in the name of "Church of Our Lady of Snow" or "Manjumatha". Click here to see more...

Forane Church of Our Lady of Snow
Pallippuram - 683 515
Ernakulam, Kerala
Ph: +91-484-2488053



      St. Antony's Church, Chettikad is one of the famous shrines in Kerala. The divine presence and blessings of St. Antony of Padua gather thousands of devotees every Tuesdays in the Shrine. The devotees come from near and far to offer the Holy Eucharist, participate in the Novena and the Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. Special prayer services and healing ministries are held for the sick and needy especially on the first Tuesdays of every month.

   It is the first church in India, devoted to St. Antony and the 3 relics of the saint is kept here. June 13th is the day of St. Antony of Padua, and the annual feast is celebrated here on the succeeding Tuesday of every year.Click here to see more...

Saint Antony's Shrine (SAS)
Chettikad, Kunjithai - 683 522
Ernakulam, Kerala
Ph: +91-484-2482039



      Another ancient church in the diocese of Kottapuram is St. Francis Xavier's Church, Sampaloor. In this chapel, the "Altar" of the old Seminary run by the Jesuit Priests (Society of Jesus) is kept as a monument. Because, in this altar St. Francis Xavier, St. John De Britto, Fr. Constantine Beschi and other eminent scholars offered the Holy Mass for the praise of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

   The name Sampaloor derived from the name, St. Paul Oor. Oor in Tamil language means "the place". The Jesuits named their Seminary, Press and Monastery in the name of St. Paul. In the course of history, the Dutch Protestants and Tipu Sultan destroyed the Seminary, Press and the Monastery. The Blood Sand of St. John De Britto is kept here.Click here to see more...

Saint Francis Xavier's Church
Sampaloor - 680 741
Thrissur District, Kerala
Ph: +91-480-2719079